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almost 2 years ago

WyoHackathon: Developing IMPACT—Digital Technologies: Thanks for registering

Thanks for registering for the WyoHackathon: Developing IMPACT—Digital Technologies! We will be sending you regular updates throughout the hackathon. Below are a few places to help get you started.  Remember, submissions will open on September 25 and have a deadline of October 18, 11:59pm MDT.

  1. Get set up right. Get started by visiting the WyoHackathon DevPost and following along with the documentation.
  2. Review the required steps listed on Devpost.  Stay tuned - the requirements will be posted on the website starting September 25th!
  3. Check out your to-do list. This list of items can be found in the top right of the hackathon page and will help keep you on track with your project and make the most of the hackathon.
  4. Get inspired. Look for use cases that inspire you to build.  Not sure where to start?  Hop on the Discord Channel and collaborate with other developers. Sometimes great ideas spark from a simple conversation.   
  5. Consider teamwork. Thinking about buddying up? Visit the find-a-team channel on Discord to find and meet teammates. You can see who else is looking for a teammate, search for specific skills, and send them a message to connect. 
  6. Mark your calendars.  We will send updates throughout the hackathon, but think about keeping milestone dates noted in your calendar.  You can add the submission deadline right from the challenge homepage.

We can’t wait to see the innovative solutions you come up with!


WyoHackathon Team